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Contact Us to OrderOur hydrophobic coating is a new advancement that can be applied to existing glass with very low expense, creating water repellant optics. The hydrophobic coating bonds with the glass to create a barrier against dirt, repelling dust, grease and liquid. The coating is non-acidic. It allows glass to be cleaned with a wiping cloth without cleaning solution.

The hydrophobic coating will not optically change the glass plate. It is an extremely durable water repellant coating that not only repels water, but any other undesirable matter, including salt spray. To clean the surface of this water repellant glass, simply wipe the surface with a dry clean cloth.

Our hydrophobic coating also combats bacterial build-up as dirt and oils do not stay on the glass.
We are located in Southern California, with a service area from San Diego to Los Angeles county, east to the Inland Empire. Our hydrophobic coating is also available for wholesale to contractors and manufacturers.

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